Friday, August 27, 2010

An update....

So Mary asked how it was going with Molly...

Ugh. How does it EVER go with cats? :) She's still here, and there's only been 2 threats of return trips to IA.

Overall, it's good. I've learned that I am kinda anal about keeping things clean. That'll have to relax a bit and I suppose that's good for everyone all around. I think we finally found a place that will work for the long as she continues to use it. I just never remember having to clean up after a cat when we had one. Oh, that's right, I didn't. (Thanks Mom and Dad.) And have cats gotten smellier? :)

We have drops for her eyes, which had some "debris" in them, and drops for her ears because she had a lot of ear mites, (which our cats always did.) Those are going well, and it will be about the extent of our vet care. We have shots for distemper and rabies coming up, but that's it. Believe me, they try to push a whole heck of a lot more on you than that. There's leukemia shots and a whole bunch of others that I didn't listen to.

The kids are loving her, and I suppose it's mutual. If they are home, she's never more than 5 feet away from either of them. The only time she cozies up to John or I is after Katie and Will have gone to bed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Molly

Ok, so now it's back to Molly. We have gone through a LOT of names in the last week or so. Charlie, Valentina, "Cat", Emily, Lilly, Bella, etc. For now, it's Molly. One thing we learned at the vet yesterday - it IS a Molly and NOT a Murry.

She is never far from one of the kids. She has found a nighttime sleeping place in Katie's bed, which means for the last 2 nights, Katie has slept with me. She'll get used to having a roommate soon though, I'm sure. She likes chasing Will around the house, in fact, she runs after both kids just like a puppy.

Molly is using her litterbox regularly too - I haven't found an "accident" either - so I'm pretty pleased about that. So far - things seem to be going well these first few days. Katie asked her if she missed the farm and she looked back at Katie as if to say "What farm?" It's sure been fun seeing her scope out favorite spots...she really likes the back of the couch!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We have an announcement...

I'd like to announce that our family will soon grow by one.

This weekend, we are bringing home a kitten. John's aunt has kittens on her farm and she's offered one to Katie, well to all of us. In fact, I think she said we should take them all. We're fine with one. The problem is WHICH one? And what the heck do we name it? So far, no one is in agreement. :)

Here are some options....we'll have pictures of our kitten at home next week. So far we have toys, food/water dish, a cozy box, food, litter box/litter, collar, leash.... geez - I think we have more for a kitten than a baby!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A last minute activity

At the fair last week, Katie won a month of free karate lessons and a free uniform. And while I have mixed feelings about it, she had a blast at her first lesson on Monday. Plus, you can't deny that she is adorable in her uniform.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Backyard camping

So far this year the only camping that has been done is in our backyard, but we have hopes to do our first REAL camping away from home as a family of 4 in a few weeks.
These were taken a couple weeks ago - Will did great in the tent, fell asleep pretty quickly after I laid down with him. Katie, on the otherhand was awake well past midnight. She was itchy...then the pillow was too big....then the sleeping bag was too noisy....then she didn't have any room....ugh! Obviously we missed her sleep window - we'll be more careful about that next time.

Every fire needs a supervisor.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Katie's manuscript

The Magic Show
One day there was a magic show at our school.
The Magician pulled a bunny out of his hat
and he mixed up the train colors too. It was
so funny. Now I have to go back to my classroom
and I love magic.