Thursday, March 13, 2014

Warmer weather

Time for a new post - gotta get that blond mess in the picture farther down! 

It was warmer here Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday it got cooler again - cooler today too....although it says 29 degrees so we should be happy enough with that.  It's sunny.

Our garage door broke yesterday.  It wouldn't close.  When I hit the button to close it, it would hit something and then go back up.  Sometimes this happens in colder weather and it just needs help going down.  So I got out and was helping it go down, but still not working.  Of course this was occurring as we were heading out the door to school and had about 2 minutes to spare.  So I detached the door from the automatic garage opener and was going to close it that way - which is a pain, but always the past.  Even that wouldn't close all the way.  One side seemed to go down, but then that threw the other side off alignment.  Who knows. 

I called John to tell him about it and that he'd have to go in the front door when he came home, instead of the garage.  When he got home he noticed that the cables on one side had snapped.  He called some "garage door" people and they said it sounded like we would need a new one. 

So the guy came this morning to look at it and confirmed that we would need a new one - so they are coming back at noon to install it.  It should be all taken care of today!   I like those quick fixes....of course you have to pay for them....but I still like them.  Oh, and they are also going to install a new entry keypad as well!  It will be nice to have a new one of those.  I have to remember to tell them to install it about a foot lower so that the kids can reach it if they need to. 

I better run - I have a reading group at school to meet at 10:30.  This week has been utterly crazy - it was book fair for 3 days and I am co-chairing it with another mom. But THAT is over and now it's on to taxes.  I'd LOVE to get them mostly done before we go on vacation!  We'll see.....

Monday, March 3, 2014

All over....

The kids and I have wrapped up another musical. We had 4 Shrek performances this weekend and it was quite exhausting - as it always is. A week of late night dress rehearsals followed by a weekend of late and all day performances will have that effect. Friday was opening night and it was exciting as ever. Will told me later that he was a bit nervous, but you wouldn't have been able to tell. He was nervous onstage because one of the other dwarves accidentally knocked his hat off, but he recovered. I accidentally dropped my walking stick during my dance - actually one of the other blind mice did too. So we reluctantly changed the dance a bit to exclude that part. Katie also missed part of one scene due to a miscount of kids, but no worries - it was on to Saturday! Saturday we had a 2:00 show and a 7:00 show so we were there all day. Volunteers made supper for us between shows and it was so delicious - turkey, baked corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, pasta salads, rolls, etc. It was ridiculously good. Katie's teacher came to the afternoon show which made Katie very proud! And John came to the Saturday night show, which - I think - was the best one, at least from what I have gathered. Sunday's show was a bittersweet ending to 2 months of preparations, but we were also glad to close the book on Shrek for a while. Pictures keep coming in, but here's some that I thought I would share.....
Getting Will's make-up on.  He let me do his, but Katie preferred the work of others. :)
Will having fun during his song.

Katie leading out the Farquad dancers.

Me and my mice (I'm in the middle....)