Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today - literally.  I took Hans for an extra long walk this morning and I think I am going to do another one after this.  Yesterday afternoon I was going to force myself to do a workout DVD from Netflix, but then I suddenly realized that I could go for a bike ride instead.  (One of those realizations that come after the kids have been in school for 3 weeks.)  Don't worry, Hans got his morning walk too - and training class last night.

Work has been really unpredictable this week.  I don't have a lot going on right now - I have projects that I have been chipping away at, but nothing pressing - so I've had some more free time.  I figure I will take it while I can get it.  I cleaned the kitchen counters yesterday as well as sorted out the fridge.  Today the windows could use a washing....

I also had a dentist check-up today.  I had a loose crown that had been loose for a bit, but I was just trying to ignore it.  She popped it off and reapplied some better adhesive to see if that works.  She was pretty confident that it would, but the alternative would be to put in a "post" and build the crown around that.  This was quick and easy and hopefully is fine for another 10 years.  I also have 2 areas where the "pockets" of my gum are pretty deep.  I have been aggressively trying to take care of these areas each day, but the pockets aren't getting better - (the other areas sure are - my hygienist barely had to clean ANY plaque off and commented that she was amazed at how little I had.)  So they figured that there is bacteria in the pocket that we can't get to.  They inserted 2 doses of antibiotics into the pocket area and over the next 28 days, that should clear up what's there.  They were super easy going in, but now it feels like I bit into something and part of it got jammed into my gum.  Ever had that happen?  It's annoying and a bit uncomfortable. 

So that brings me to my thoughts on this whole dentist issue.  I went to my appointment today because it had been scheduled for a while, and I don't want to skip it and put it off while I look for another dentist.  I had a very frank conversation with her and Will's hygienist (who is really quite wonderful) about my concerns about the care that we are receiving with their practice.  They were about as upset as I was to hear that Will had a second abscess, she re-examined the x-rays from his previous visit (and showed me) but we could see no evidence of any type of infection festering in that tooth.  Over the past week as I have been thinking about whether to move us to a new dentist and where and I am really sick of pointing fingers in places that they probably don't belong.  From what the oral surgeon said the filling in this tooth looked well placed and would not comment on anything the previous dentist had done. 

The reason we changed to our current dentist in the first place was because the pediatric dentist we WERE seeing in Eden Prairie had told us that Will had a cavity which she recommended treating under general anesthesia given his age. (He was like 3/4)  It was a tiny little thing and his first one.  John and I didn't want to do that so I went shopping for a new dentist.  We came to this one and she said, no, she wouldn't recommend him to go under general - she would just fill it normally.  Finally!  We got the answer we were looking for - so we went with her.  That was Will's first abscessed tooth. 

Now - what would have happened had we gone the other route?  I hear people say all the time in regards to the medical community - if you don't like what one dr says, keep looking til you find one that says what you want to hear.  Maybe we went the wrong route?  Maybe the exact same outcome would have happened either way.  I feel like blaming what the dr's are saying is just a way of not pointing the finger where it should be pointed - at me. 

And maybe there doesn't need to be any finger pointing - that's a bad expression.  What I mean is that if there weren't cavities in the first place -there'd be nothing to fill.  I had weak enamel as a child and therefore, at the age of 3, had all my baby teeth capped.  It was a process - that's for sure (one that I still remember very clearly) but I had no cavities in my baby teeth.  It could be that Will and Katie have inherited a bit of my weak enamel - or it could be that we are just not brushing as well as we should be.  Either way I think I need to shut up and do the work.

When people need to lose weight, or get in shape they can bellyache about how the fast food industry is out to get them or they just don't have to time to be healthy, or their dr picks on them, etc.  But either way the only way things get better is to take responsibility for it and do what needs to get done.  So that's where I'm at.  I feel like we don't do much candy or pop - but it IS there at times.  With Will's dairy allergy it has become a lot easier to avoid - that's for sure.  I'm flossing Will about 4-5 times a week and have been for the last 6 months.  I need to make sure I'm doing that for Katie as well.  The brushing is automatic and always has been, but we just need more adult interference there too. 

Ok - this post got way too involved and I didn't mean it to.  I need a walk.... and some ibuprofen.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day after

Will did a great job yesterday and was very brave.  The tooth came out and is now healing well.  He says it doesn't hurt at all, but I am still doing ibuprofen every 8 hours.  Today will probably be the last day we'll have to do that.  He stayed home from school today - although judging by his energy level this morning, I probably could have sent him. :)  He'll be back in full force tomorrow.  Tomorrow is picture day, library check-out day, AND first spelling test day.  He will blow a gasket if he misses that. 

Work has been really slow this week because our servers went down. I don't have access to my e-mail and my boss has been in training the last few days.  (Oddly enough like 10 miles from my house!)  I am hoping that e-mail gets restored today.  Next weekend I have to go to Rochester to participate in a 5k that we are sponsoring for one of our non-profit clients.  (My only 5k of the year!)  While I'm down there I will pick up my new computer and a new filing cabinet to use for the home "office." 
I'm a bit excited about the filing cabinet because it will free up 2 plant stands that I've been using instead and basically hide all sorts of disorganized mess. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good thoughts today...

I would appreciate any good thoughts you can send Will's way today.  He has an appointment at 1:30 for a tooth extraction. 

Remember last year we went through this?  I can't remember if I blogged much about it or not, but I must have mentioned it.  Anyway - this would be his second abscessed tooth.  From what I understand an abscess is caused by bacteria or decay getting to the pulp part of the tooth.  In adult teeth it would call for a root canal, but they don't do those in baby teeth so they just take the tooth out.  What kills me is that most of Will's cavities (4 total, I believe) were so small they were filled without even numbing him.  This one was bigger - he had it filled in January and I do remember them numbing him.  None of the cavities caused him any pain or discomfort.  His tooth that had to come out last year had a tiny one that they did NOT numb for.  Does that mean that they don't get all the decay out?  Obviously that's impossible to prove and no medical professional is going to tell me it's the dentist's fault because the cavity shouldn't have been there in the first place.  But, I suppose we will be shopping for a new dentist.  She's filled 4 cavities, and 2 have resulted in loss of tooth - that's not a good statistic for me. 

Because he's gone through this before he knows a bit more of what to expect (and so do I) - that's good and bad.  He is being beyond brave and has plans to take his stuffed shark along because he has enough teeth for both of them.  I also ordered new books he's been wanting on Amazon, which will be delivered to our door by the time we are home AND have a new Lego set hidden for him under the bed.  That should give us some time to cuddle together for the next 36 hours or so. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to Hans!

Here is little baby Hans....

And here is Hans today - 1 year old!
I would have totally forgot about his birthday, but his foster mom (who housed the 8 puppies while they were being adopted) sent us birthday wishes already.  He's already had treats and a walk this morning so I think he's happy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Second week

We're halfway through the second week of school and have only missed the bus to school once.  :)  It was my fault.  The bus comes much later this year - we are towards the end of the pick-ups and I guess I waited too long.  We saw it pull up out the window Monday morning and I think I cursed under my breath.  As Katie was making a run for the door to head out and try to catch it I made them hide away from the windows to appear as if we weren't here - and then I drove them to school. 

Hans and I have gone for a walk/jog every morning since school has started.  He takes his CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) test this Saturday.  It could go either way - pass or fail.  I have full faith in us that we will pass 8 out of 10.  It will be a stroke of luck if we pass the other 2.  The "dog allows itself to be groomed" and "dog allows itself to be petted" give us fits.  Both get Hans really excited...then the licking starts....and then the pawing and mouthing start.  Licking won't fail us....but the mouthing and pawing will.  Once the licking starts, it's only a matter of time.  During the test I can correct with my voice and give instructions/praise, but I cannot treat or give corrections with the leash.

In our practice classes he HAS passed both of them, but not consistently.  Last night we had class from 8:30 to 9:30, and then BOTH instructors (one of which was the owner) and one of their 13 year old daughters stayed for 40 minutes extra to work one on one with Hans.  They are amazing and truly want to help dogs and owners.

Hans (and I) do much better with each other when we are in a class together.  It is a good experience for him.  If we pass the test I think we will try a "Performance" class.  They are a bit more athletic and active in content and will give us a fun way to connect and work on balance and him being aware of his body.  If we don't pass the test....then they are going to let me re-take a few weeks of Adult Obedience II and re-test in October. 

Katie started piano lessons yesterday.  She practiced last night with no major meltdowns - actually no meltdowns at all.  She did a nice job of keeping her patience.  I remember practicing trumpet pieces over and over - especially in the beginning and getting SO angry with myself and upset because I couldn't get them right the first few times.  Sometimes walking away and trying again tomorrow is a good idea.

Will is a little upset that he doesn't have homework yet.  Spelling lists start next week - so I'm enjoying the ease into our afternoon routine.  Will is supposed to be practicing his addition facts - sums through 10. 

Ha!  Yeah, right.  Yesterday in order for me to get him to agree to practice those, I had to promise him that we would do multiplication worksheets when we were done. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


September begins and with it a whole bunch of other things.  School started yesterday.  The kids were pretty happy to go back.  Katie's only big complaint (she has a lot of little ones) is that the bus is too full to find a seat in the morning.  I remember the feeling - I used to hate that too.  Yesterday as the bus pulled up, Will (a.k.a. Mr. Confident) had this immediate look of sheer panic.  I suggested that he might want to sit with Katie the first day.  So they squeezed in with another girl - because all the seats were full. 

Today when he got on the bus he said "I'm not going to sit with Katie today."  Katie was fine with that.  I watched them get on the bus and where do you think he sat?  Yep - with Katie. :)  It's nice to have a big sister on the bus, even if you don't want to admit it.

Yesterday also marked the fist day I could work at home without any kids.  Actually it was the first full length day at home with no children in over 9 years.  It went by fast.  I had a meeting in the morning til 11, I had to make a couple stops at school to drop off Will's water bottle and try to iron out some mistakes with Will's dairy-free lunch, then it was more phone calls with the school nurse and e-mails with the teacher.  All in all I think I got about 2-3 hours of work in, which is just about right for the first day alone. :)

Today I have a list of things to get done and then I am helping out in the lunchroom today through Friday.  Helping the kindergartners/1st graders carry their tray and enter their lunch number, answer questions, and remind them to eat. 

Katie's classroom is pretty unique this year - they are really trying to think outside the box and not have such a cookie-cutter education plan.  There are no desks in her room - they have some high tables, low tables, footstools, couches, and bouncy/fabric chairs.  She says that (so far) there are no assigned seats, but they do have temporary groups to work with.  Since her class is half 4th grade/half 3rd grade, they are spending most of the first week getting to know each other more.  So far she doesn't remember any 3rd grader's names. 

Work is going well.  I got a raise - did I tell you that?  No probably not.  I have some projects I'd like to get done this week to feel better about my productivity.  I've given myself a hard rule that for most days - I need to make myself be done by 3:30.  That's when the kids get home and it's always a bit of chaos getting homework done and supper going.  Hans is happy that we have restarted our ritual of going for a walk as soon as the bus picks up the kids.  He was so funny yesterday when the bus took off - he immediately started walking the direction we used to go last spring, like we'd been doing it everyday since then.  It's also nice to be able to go at our "training pace" which is pretty quick.  I wasn't able to do that when "Pebbles" was along. 

Oh, speaking of "Pebbles" - she has a baby sister!  Happy and healthy and everyone seems to be doing fine.