Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Funny

This is a video of Fran and Marlo Cowan. They have been married for over 62 years and they put on an impromptu piano recital as they were waiting in the lobby of Mayo Clinic's Gonda building in Rochester. (One of John's jobs, by the way.) It is really heartwarming, funny and is guaranteed to make you smile.

This video was posted over a year ago on YouTube, and rumor had it that the couple was going to visit again at noon yesterday...we'll see if there's more.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Statue of Liberty

The theme this month in kindergarten is Famous Faces, Famous Places. On Tuesday, Katie came home from school dressed up. Luckily, I guessed who she was...

So now, she wants to go to New York City and see the Statue of Liberty for real. She didn't care that Sarah and I had already been there. She says it's her turn now. I think I'd rather wait until it's warmer.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First sick day

I kept Katie home from school on Monday. She had a TINY fever Sunday night so she 'rested' at home on Monday while her cough got better. It's about gone now. We had spent the weekend in IA so she was pretty exhausted as well. Now of course, it's Will's turn for a cough. Katie went back to school yesterday. Not too bad - in 6 months of school, we've only had 1 sick day.

Last Thursday the kids had a check up at the dentist. Katie had 2 cavities, which we go back to fix today. Again - I can't see them. They say they can see them on the x-ray. Sometimes I feel like it's all made up. Especially when I get an estimate of care and they charge $51.00 for laughing gas. When I go to the dentist, I get charged $30.00.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stations - Part 2

Yesterday I got a last minute call to help out at Katie's school. I did 'stations' last month as you may remember when I had to teach the kids card games. This time it was going to be an activity with pennies and I had no choice but to bring Will along.

We got the call about 8:45 and had to be there by 9:00. Stations start promptly at 9:15. So I grabbed Will and ran out the door. We got to the school, gathered our supplies and began to read through the activity around 9:05.

Usually there is very little setup that must be done beforehand. We read a story, ask questions, do an activity. Here are the setup steps for my activity to 'Clean Pennies"

1. Cut 20 pieces of string, each 2 feet long.
2. Fill one bowl 1/4 full with water
3. Fill one bowl 1/4 full with salt and water
4. Fill one bowl 1/4 full with vinegar and salt
5. Tear off 20 paper towels
6. Set up 10 spots with a glue stick, scissors, 1 red star, 1 white star, 1 blue star.

Oh yeah, and you have 10 minutes to do this before 20 kindergartners descend on you. (Plus you have a 2 year old to entertain!) GO!

I SCRAMBLED! Luckily I was able to get most everything together. We were to drop a penny in each bowl and observe what liquid made the penny shine. It was supposed to be the vinegar and salt, however it did NOT work - so I cheated and grabbed an already shiny penny to show.

Then we read a story and talked about what's on the pennies. Then each kid cut out stars, glued them together, taped a penny in the middle and we tied all the strings into necklaces. After that I passed out magnifying glasses so each could get a close up view of their pennies. WHEW!

Honestly, I think teachers request parent volunteers so that we are less likely to criticize them. It's VERY difficult work and I felt like I was scrambling for 90 minutes straight.

*Note - after we got home, Katie decided that we need to clean all of OUR pennies too. So I got a mixture of vinegar and salt together and ours worked MUCH better. I'm thinking they didn't add enough salt to our mixture at school.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My confession

I've been hitting a dry streak with things to post on the blog. Not too much is happening here and I tried to think about why that is. The only thing I can come up with is that I am watching way too much TV. (But, c''s Minnesota...AND it's February. There aren't a lot of options.) Now I know, you're gonna say I could play games with my kids - and my husband and I both do. But have you ever played UNO with a 5 year old for the 76th time in one day? When you have, then you can criticize me.

So I thought I would share the horrible TV choices I have been making lately and see if they are worthy of defending.

Before I begin, on a positive note - I really don't watch TV during the day. No soaps, no Oprah (well, maybe once a month). My only TV time during the day comes 1-2 times a week I watch The View (don't judge me!) I really like their banter and their political discussions. Also, 2-3 times a week I watch an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.....the early stuff from the early 1990's...when it was too edgy for my to watch in my young years.

(Again, let your judgement's only gonna get worse.)

I might as well get the worst of the choices out of the way first. I've been sucked into my first season of The Bachelor. If you have never watched it, the idea is pretty simple. 25 women vie for the attention of one man, deemed, The Bachelor. He sends away the ones he can't see spending the rest of his life with. As John could tell you, because he was forced to watch it the other night, it's now down to 2 women....I can't turn away! It probably wouldn't be so bad, but each episode is 2 HOURS long! So I feel as though I wasted an entire night after I'm done watching it. As God as my witness, I'll never be sucked into this show again! (Well, unless, of course - they choose my favorite girl from this season as the next Bachelorette, I mean, c'mon...(kidding)) My defense? At least this show is a tiny step above Bret Michael's show, Rock of Love.

Second - I am a sucker for any tv show put out by Dr. Drew Pinsky. He has done all of the Celebrity Rehab shows, as well as the recent "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" show. Seriously, that pregnancy show and Teen Mom show was very well done. It probably didn't get much viewership from the 18-34 male demographic, as John couldn't stomach more than 10 minutes, but it really showed how horribly difficult it is to have a baby before you are ready - at any age. My favorite girl, Caitlyn was 17 and put her baby up for adoption. It followed her as she tried to deal with still identifying herself as a mom, yet having no contact with her daughter. Also - she had hillbilly parents from HELL who were against the whole adoption idea. It was very sweet to watch her and her boyfriend support each other and communicate with each other better than some couples who are much older. The other girls were just fun to watch because they sure made you feel like a "good mom" - no matter what kind of day you had!

Are you still with me - or have you given up and logged off?

I love the FX series, Nip/Tuck. It's about 2 plastic surgeons, one is arrogant as hell, a womanizer with an ego the size of most of his boob jobs. The other seems normal, but has very serious issues with self esteem, his morals, etc. This is the final season and I'm convinced they are going to kill each other off. Another show I've recently gotten into is The Amazing Race. It's fun to watch people under stress in foreign countries. No wonder so many other cultures don't like Americans.

So as I try not to get pulled into another season of American Idol, I wait for the sun to warm up the skies, the giant piles of snow to melt and the days to get longer. There, I've cleaned out the skeletons in MY closet a bit - but what about YOU? :)

Are there shows you watch, but aren't proud of? If you don't watch much TV, are there shows you WANT to watch?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

V-Day bloodletting

This year John and I decided to give blood again. Our chiropractor has an annual blood drive for Valentine's Day and gives a coupon for a free 30 minute massage to every donor. Last year went pretty smoothly, although I did get kinda woozy.

We had to go at different times so that someone could stay home with the kids. John went first and said everything well well. I took off after he got home, hoping for the same results. Unfortunately, after 20 minutes of pokes and changing angles every vein they tried to drain collapsed.

They couldn't really tell me why this happened - could be severe dehydration, so when I got home I searched online and found the only answer was to give up my severe drug addiction. (Hope you sense the sarcasm!) I don't seem to remember sticking myself daily over the past year into my veins so there must be another reason, I'm thinking I was dehydrated although I drank OJ, coffee, water and milk all before my appointment.

Oh well, another time....perhaps.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Funny

Thursday, February 11, 2010

V-Day is coming

Obviously there hasn't been a lot going on at our house this week...hence the limited number of posts. We've been busy making Valentine's for Katie's class party tomorrow. This will be her first official Valentine's party and she's very excited. She's already made plans to wear a skirt for the occasion.

Katie has 'requested' that we all make her a Valentine...I haven't done that yet, but I plan to. Better get busy....

Overall, that's about the bulk of our holiday plans. (Can you really call this a holiday?) Do people really go all out and buy each other big ticket items for Valentine's? I suppose there are. John and I were never big Valentine's Day people. Prior to kids we usually went out to eat...crowded restaurants, long waits and all. He sent me flowers one year before we got married and he's brought flowers home after work in years past after his co-workers suggested it. :) But I'm ok with no flowers too.

He gets the short end of the stick, really because I don't give him much. He got candy in his truck one year...years ago. He'll probably score a card this year and some take-out food.

And you know what? That's pretty close to perfect.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ok...anytime now!

It's snowing here again today...

We had two days of 'shovel-able' snow last week and are set to get another 5-10 inches through tomorrow. School has been let out early, although Katie still had normal kindergarten this morning.

I don't mind taking 6 more weeks of winter, but could it possible not snow the WHOLE six weeks?

The view out my kitchen window...our small back deck...the thermometer is covered up so I can't even tell how cold it is!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

American Idol....Pladsen style

We sometimes get the chance to catch a few minutes of American Idol, in between supper clean up and PJ's. The other night we were watching and Katie decided that she wanted to be a judge. Of course Will wasn't really up for singing or performing. "Will, do you want to sing your ABC's?"

"Ummm, No fanks."

So that leaves John and I...two people just craving for the spotlight. (That was sarcastic in case you didn't catch it.) We had to stand up in front of everyone while Katie sat on the couch, high on her throne. I sang Twinkle Twinkle and the I Love You song. I got 2 big thumbs down for my song choices. For one audition she told me better luck next year, but then I begged and got a "yes", and the other song I got straight through to Hollywood.

John stood up and sang I Believe in Miracles by Pearl Jam, (he sucked up, knowing that Katie likes that song too). While Katie liked his song choice, she told him that he needs to sing louder, but sent him through to the next round as well. She's ruthless.

I hope Katie never wants to play this 'game' again. It's really stressful.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girl's weekend

I was lucky enough to skip out on John and the kids this past weekend and spend it with some friends. Saturday morning I headed to Wisconsin to hang with some of my roommates from my college days. We planned the weekend a few weeks ago and decided to make it just us girls; no kids, no husbands. It had been about 6 years since we got together like this so it was much overdue.

We felt very strange realizing that we didn't have to make sure kids were fed by 6:00. So we headed out to eat around 6:30 and spent almost 3 hours talking, chatting and laughing. Our first stop was The Starlight Lounge. It's a martini bar complete with 70's furnishings. The girls each tried some fun martini's, but I stuck to my usual beer. I'm never sure how my stomach will react to hard liquor so I like to drink what I know. After our drinks we went down, (I swear) the steepest steps in Wisconsin, to Buzzard Billy's and had some tasty southern cooking.

We were asleep by around midnight and headed home the next afternoon. Even MORE interesting is what the kids did with John while I was gone. Somehow or another, Katie managed to talk Dad into talking her and Will to Chuckie Cheese....on a Saturday. I think John scored some MAJOR points there because it sounds like it was quite a fun time. Maybe he's started a new Saturday tradition that he'll just want to continue every week from here on out.... :)