Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Office

I picked up a filing cabinet this weekend along with my new computer. It has a dual monitor - so that's something new to get used to. So far it is awesome and makes things a lot easier to do. They are also nice giant sized monitors and I've been able to get new programs running very quickly on it. The last step is hooking up the printer to this computer. Things are being a little funny here and there, but I'll get it figured out. Work has been good and I'm getting things done on all fronts.
Will got an ant farm for his birthday in July and I just got around to ordering the ants last week. We got them yesterday and put them into the "farm." It's a plastic case full of a gel type material that also serves as their food source. They are tunneling away and I'm happy that I think only 2 are dead. (Out of approx. 30) It says that their life span is about 1-3 months, but some will die sooner while others live longer. These are harvester ants. They are bigger than your everyday garden ants - very easy to see their chomping mandibles. Oh, and they sting. There were warnings everywhere about how you are NOT to touch them or handle them. They came in a vial, and in order to get them into the case we put them into the fridge for about 10 minutes. Since they are cold blooded, the temperature change slowed them down so that I could pour them in without them going wild and escaping. After about 30 minutes they seemed to really perk up and started tunneling a few hours later. By this morning they had about 4 tunnel areas they were working on. I'm supposed to remove the dead ants - and there are 2 (I think) laying on top, but I want to make sure if I open the case the others don't get out. I think I will wait until there are more tunnels and less ants on top. Plus, they advised waiting a few days to make sure the ants are truely dead....sometimes it's hard to tell. Another cool thing is that when the ants die in the tunnels, the others will bring them to the top and leave them there. At least they are supposed to.