Monday, December 23, 2013

Are YOU still here?

I usually start an overdue post with saying "I'm still here."  While, that's great....a better question might be "Are YOU still here?"  Do you check back with hopes of a new post even when they are dashed again and again?  Hope so.

We celebrated our family Christmas here at home Sunday morning (just yesterday).  The kids had a good time and I would say it was fairly calm and quiet.  Let's see if I can give a re-cap.

Hans got a new ducky chew toy that squeaks and homemade dog treats, compliments of the Girl Scouts.  Molly got a new scratching box thing filled with cat nip.

Will got a new maze ball, some Skylander figurines, books, bed sheets, yo-yo, PJ's, Despicable Me 2 (movie), a magic set, and a combination safe to keep all his goodies secure.

Katie got a new chair, books, 2 fidget friend things (they make noise...that's all I know), a knitting loom for scarves,  yo-yo, Rubix cube, clothes, earrings and a necklace, and Rainbow loom bands.

It seems there were some little stocking stuffers too - candy and whatnot.  Santa gave me a gyroscope that I have been looking for the last few years.  I had one when I was younger and thought they were just awesome.  The kids weren't that amazed by it, so I guess that's why Santa gave it to me.

John got some IA state sweatshirts, lotion and a new pillow.  I also have another gift coming for him, but shipping has totally been derailed and it hasn't arrived yet.  Free 2 day shipping has turned into 2 week shipping. 

I got new snowboots!  I haven't had snow boots since probably 7th grade.  Once I was out of elementary school they weren't necessary anymore, nor were they anything I thought about getting for myself.  Sort of like not having a winter coat in college.  I just didn't need one.  (I went to a college that was connected via tunnels and you rarely had to set foot outside.  If you did, it was just to run across the street.)  Now that I am forced to be outside more by dog, kids, and husband I have been wearing my hiking boots.  While warm, they have no traction on ice and are very low on the heel so they allow all kinds of snow in.  Now if I fall on the ice while walking the dog, it's my own fault.

Anyway - I also got a new coat and a shirt from Athleta.  You know that annoying commercial on TV for Jarod Jewelers?  The catchphrase is "He went to Jarod's."  Maybe it's a MN thing, I don't know...anyway you are supposed to be really excited just by the fact "He went to Jarod's" because anything they have is great.  Whatever. 
Well, I get it phrase will be "He went to Athleta."  Because before I even open the box, I KNOW I'm going to love what ever is inside.  It's a women's apparel shop that specializes in more comfortable active wear.  They are wonderful.  So yes, I got a new down-filled coat and an awesomely cozy new shirt.  Oh and gloves!  I got new purple gloves.  

Katie also bought me a Peanuts character serving plate that I may just have to bring along to the other family gatherings in IA so that I can properly display my baked goods. :)