Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gone Fishing

On Sunday, after we got home from church, we all packed up and went fishing at a local lake. It was a bit chilly, but we did have some peeks of sun that warmed us up. The kids did great and I'm sure we'll be going again soon.

First, you pick out a nice, juicy worm. Katie and Will both took turns picking out worms.

( Note to my Dad: Yes, I even put worms on. It's funny, if it's something that's important to your kids, you just suck it up and do it.) :)

Here, Katie is using her Scooby Doo kid's fishing rod that we picked up at a neighbor's garage sale about a month ago. Paid 25 cents cuz the reel wasn't working. Five minutes with John = working fishing rod.

Will was up for fishing...for a while. Then he'd rather just sit and eat grapes....using the same hands he dug in the worms with. I'm sure those are the "good" germs. :)

Katie and Will were entertained by a caterpillar for a while. Miss Nature girl, herself even let it crawl onto her hands. (That'd be Katie, not me. Worms today - caterpillars later.)

And yes, the first fish of the day was a sunfish caught by ME, using Katie's Scooby Doo rod. John caught one shortly after, and then Katie caught one all by herself.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great day for a picnic

Today is just about the perfect day to have a picnic. Good thing we have one scheduled. Some friends are getting together at a nearby park for lunch and play. We couldn't have ordered a more perfect day.

Tomorrow John's brother, Jim, is coming up to go to a Twins game - sounds like it'll be a good evening for outdoor baseball as well. Better than last night anyway - we had thunder and rain, which was very welcome because it cooled off the air enough so we could all sleep.

Got a lot of summer activities scheduled yesterday. Katie and Will are doing some morning camps at My Gym. They will both go from 9:30 to about noon, giving me a couple mornings completely free to just twiddle my thumbs, if I so choose.

They are each doing a week long camp at church as well. Katie's is a music camp, and Will's is vacation bible school. We'll see how he does in an organized group setting...I probably won't stray too far for the first few days.

And then I'm hoping to get them each into some swimming lessons, just haven't nailed down the days yet. Between all that and the free activities offered through the library and rec center, I think we have something every week. It will really help us keep a schedule through out the summer and not 'break the bank.'

It's odd how you have to schedule 3 months worth of actives all at once - no wonder the summer goes by so fast, right? However, if I don't - things fill up too fast and then we'll be stuck just going to the park every day. That may sound great, but around day gets old.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday - Happy HOT Monday. I'll take it though. It's hot and sticky here in Minnesota - gonna get up to 90 today, and I refuse to turn the air on. It's only May for pete's sake. It'll be ok. :) Makes me think that as soon as it drops back down to 70-ish, I'll start painting the living room. I don't want to have to do it this summer when it's 90+.

So far we've had a productive start to the the week. I went to the chiropractor - got all adjusted and feel much better. Will and I also picked up a tomato plant and a green pepper plant for the garden. You may remember me telling you that we had our garden pretty much planted - 8 pepper plants, tomato plants, cucumbers, etc. Well that last cold week that we had about a month ago did our pepper plants and cucumber plants in. (My wonderful mother-in-law, the master gardener, just said "I told you so." :) We were fooled into thinking that our early spring would last.) That's the good thing about plants. You can always start over, as long as you learned something.

So now I'm finishing up the laundry - watching Will eat his yogurt and waiting for Katie to get home from school. She has 12 days left. We are trying to work out our summer camp plans and creating a 'schedule' to make our summer days more enjoyable.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No worries, here I am.

Yes, we are still around. But it's over 70 in MN this week, and you can't expect me to sit on the computer. :) We need to stock up on our Vitamin D. (Which I've stopped taking supplements of in honor of our wonderful sunshine!)

This past weekend was pretty busy - I think....I just can't seem to remember too much about it. Saturday night we went out to eat. We had some free kid's meal coupons for a Mexican restaurant. It's been SOOO hard getting Will to eat anything lately. Katie, on the otherhand is eating well at every meal. Seems Will only eats blueberries, graham crackers and yogurt these days.

On Sunday Katie was in the children's musical at church. This was her first year in the show and she was a fish. Her and about 5 other 1st and 2nd graders stood in the back singing and doing actions - it was really cute and she loved it. Our church has a musical camp that they offer for a week this summer that she wants to do too - so I see more shows in our future.

A couple weeks ago we stayed in Rochester because John had early morning meetings down there. Gave the kids an opportunity to swim and have a hotel adventure - which they LOVE!

At Grandma Lyla's house, Katie was obsessed with building towers. She posed for a picture with her creation.

At Grandma Mary's house Katie built chairs for her animals out of encyclopedias.
I think her father's engineering gene got passed on to her. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Took 2; Left with 2

Tuesday we went to The Children's Museum in St. Paul. We try to go once a year. Last year we I'm sure we went, but can't really remember...I think the special exhibit was Clifford, and the year before that was Sesame Street. This time they showcased dinosaurs!

Can you see Katie and Will in there? They had an area where you could take a picture and
e-mail it to yourself.

Usually we go in the morning as soon as it opens. This year, because Katie has kindergarten in the morning we were forced to wait until after lunch. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. All the school groups left by 1:30 -2:00 and for the next 2 hours we had the place pretty much to ourselves...give or take 20 kids.

This is the first visit to the museum where I didn't have to constantly help someone. I could really just step back and let them go explore. Needless to say that made for a very stress-free visit. Neither of them can decide which part was their here is a taste of our afternoon.

The grocery store - always a favorite. A picture of them together - rare.

Will creating a collage.

I wanted to take a picture of Will with T-Rex, but there was no way in hell Will was gonna take his eyes off that guy. (He moved...and I'm sure Will thought he was gonna take a bite while his back was turned.)

Again, one of Katie's favorite areas is the block work place. Filled with conveyor belts, pulleys, and foam blocks - she likes to play in the warehouse.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy May!

It's May! This is the time of year we start expecting nice weather. in Minnesota we've had nice weather for the past 2 months, really. Now I'm spoiled and getting sick of ONLY 60 degree days. I want some 75-80 degree days. Considering it's snowed in May before, I should probably shut up.

This past weekend my sister, Denise and niece Sarah stayed with us for a night. Sarah is college shopping and considering the University of MN. If any of you remember Sarah, you're probably thinking "What is she doing looking at colleges? She's only 10!" Sorry, she's almost 17.

Saturday night John and I and the kids went to our friends' Wade and Donna's house. It was Wade's birthday party and they had invited people over for food and drinks. I find it funny that out of about 15-20 people in their 30's, we are the only one with kids. Guess they didn't drink the Kool-Aid. Katie and Will charmed everyone, played Wii and had a good night.

On a much less exciting point, I updated our computer to Windows 7. Not sure why, other than I got the update for free. The only thing I know it does differently is that thing they show on TV where you can have 2 windows open and snap them into place on the side of the screen so you can see both of them at the same time. Seemed like a lot of work just for that....there MUST be something else too.

I wish I had a picture for today. I had the PERFECT opportunity yesterday and forgot. The four of us went for our first bike ride as a family of 4. John pulled Katie on her tandem bike that hooks to the back of his and I pulled Will behind me in his "cart". I made it up all the hills, except for one. UGH! I was so close! :) My excuse was that the wind was blowing the wrong way.