Monday, July 24, 2017

Meth Mondays

It's a "Meth Monday" here in the Pladsen house.  Mondays mean Katie gets to take 8 pills instead of her regular 3 every day.  These pills are really very easy for her to take and so far we haven't had any side effects.  (Knock wood)

The blue ones are Naproxen.  The bigger yellow one is the Folic Acid and the 5 mini ones are the Methotrexate.  If I were pregnant I would have to hold those Methotrexate pills with GLOVES on.  If my skin touched them I would have to wash my hands immediately because of the severe danger of birth defects.  You'll see there were no Pladsen baby.

If a woman wanted to have a baby she'd have to be off Methotrexate for 6 months before even attempting.  Obviously it can't be taken while pregnant and there are mixed results on breastfeeding.  So we'll worry about that much, much later.

The injections went well.  She ended up having to be awake for her knee, which she was NOT thrilled about.  The doctors were not comfortable transporting her between procedures while under anesthesia.  Her knee had to be done in one room using a special x-ray machine and her jaw injections had to be done in another room using a special ct scanning machine.  I was able to be with her during the knee procedure and while she went under general.  I'd rather her not have to go through either of those things again, if possible. 

Friday night when we got home we picked up Chinese - Katie's favorite.  Unfortunately her jaw was so uncomfortable that she really couldn't eat anything.  She said it sounded like Velcro whenever she moved it around.  The anesthesia made it difficult for her to sleep that night, but there hasn't been a problem since. 

Now that it's been a few days we don't really see much improvement and she says it still feels "uncomfortable."  Her rheumatologist felt that her knee would be fairly stubborn, so it's not too surprising. 

For now she just keeps taking the pills and we wait for our next appointment in August. 

I think the next entry should be an update on Will!!

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Anonymous said...

Trust things are going well today. Might take a while for the meds to catch up with whatever else is going on. Blessings, Kate.

And it would be good to hear about Will too.